Top Things to Do in Wilmington

Top Things to Do in Wilmington

Nestled between the sparkling waters of the Cape Fear River and the pristine beaches of nearby Brunswick County, Wilmington, NC, offers historical richness and coastal leisure that makes it a magnet for those looking to relocate. This picturesque city, featured in numerous major movies, boasts a beautifully preserved historic river district where cobblestone streets and vibrant riverfront markets create a scenic backdrop for daily life.

Wilmington's breezy, coastal vibe is complemented by its residents' warm southern hospitality, making newcomers feel immediately welcomed and at home. Wilmington's heart beats with a lively cultural scene, and its surrounding areas invite relaxation and adventure. This introduction to Wilmington's allure is just the beginning. Read on to discover all the engaging and exciting activities that make Wilmington a special place to call home.

Downtown Wilmington

Historic Heart of the City

Downtown Wilmington is the cultural and social hub of the area, where history and modernity blend. An array of historic buildings with preserved facades and architectural details frames the district. Unique boutiques offer everything from bespoke crafts to high-end fashion, and art galleries showcase local and international artists.

The culinary scene in Downtown Wilmington is diverse, featuring brew pubs and restaurants with global cuisines. Adding to the charm of this bustling district is the two-mile Riverwalk along the Cape Fear River, providing stunning views and a pleasant path for morning jogs or leisurely evening walks. This scenic walkway also serves as a stage for seasonal festivals and events, enhancing the community feel and offering entertainment and leisure activities at the water's edge.

Battleship North Carolina

1 Battleship Rd NE, Wilmington

Moored across the river from Downtown Wilmington, the Battleship North Carolina is a monumental tribute to naval history. This World War II battleship was the first of its kind built for the United States Navy and played a pivotal role in every major naval offensive in the Pacific. Today, it is a floating museum, allowing visitors to step aboard and explore its expansive deck and numerous interior compartments.

Visitors to the Battleship North Carolina can delve deep into its storied past, from walking the corridors where sailors rushed during battle to examining the living quarters that housed hundreds of men at sea. The ship's historical significance is highlighted through various exhibits and interactive displays that recount its contributions to maritime warfare and its critical role during World War II. This immersive experience honors the legacy of those who served aboard this iconic vessel.

Airlie Gardens

300 Airlie Rd, Wilmington

Airlie Gardens encompasses 67 acres of maintained landscapes and historic landmarks with roots stretching back to the early 1700s. The gardens preserve several historic structures that echo the region's rich history. Meandering paths and walking trails invite visitors to explore the diverse flora and serene settings, offering a peaceful retreat from the urban buzz.

A central feature of Airlie Gardens is the Summer Concert Series, which draws locals and tourists to enjoy live music in an idyllic outdoor setting. These events showcase a variety of musical acts ranging from jazz to folk, providing the perfect backdrop for a summer evening.

Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville Beach, NC

Located just east of Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach offers a picturesque island experience with its expansive, wide sandy beaches. The area boasts world-class waves that attract surfers from across the globe. Beyond surfing, the beach provides ample opportunities for a variety of water sports, including boating, swimming, and other aquatic activities.

As a walkable island, Wrightsville Beach is ideally suited for those who enjoy exploring by foot, with easy access to local shops, restaurants, and the beachfront. The clear waters and clean sands make it a popular spot for sunbathing and swimming, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and recreational activities.

Cape Fear Museum

1035 Castle Rock Rd, Walnut Creek

The Cape Fear Museum is a key repository of Wilmington's history and the broader region's cultural heritage. This museum offers a comprehensive range of exhibits that trace the area's history from its earliest Native American inhabitants to the present day. Visitors to the museum can explore a variety of displays that document the evolution of the local community, its challenges, and triumphs over the centuries.

The museum's collection includes artifacts, photographs, and documents that provide insights into the Cape Fear region's significant events and everyday life. Through interactive exhibits and educational programs, the Cape Fear Museum engages visitors of all ages, making it a valuable resource for understanding the historical landscape of Wilmington and its surrounding areas.

Thalian Hall Center for the Performing Arts

1931 1st Ave, Walnut Creek

Thalian Hall, one of the oldest theaters in the United States, is a prominent cultural landmark in Walnut Creek. This historic venue, constructed in 1858, originally served as a city hall and a theater. Architecturally, Thalian Hall is a two-story, five-bay stuccoed brick building adorned with Classic Revival and flamboyant Victorian elements, showcasing its unique historical and aesthetic significance.

The hall is renowned for its diverse performances catering to a wide range of artistic tastes. The schedule includes everything from traditional plays and lively concerts to contemporary films and classical ballets. This variety makes Thalian Hall a central hub of cultural activity, drawing audiences who appreciate its rich history and ongoing contribution to the arts.

The Cotton Exchange

321 N Front St, Wilmington

The Cotton Exchange was previously the center of the once-thriving cotton trade. This complex, composed of eight buildings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, has been restored to preserve its Victorian architectural grandeur. Today, it serves as a shopping center. Inside is a diverse array of unique shops and eateries. These establishments range from local artisan boutiques offering handmade crafts to cozy cafes serving Southern specialties.

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