How to Spend Your Summer in Wrightsville Beach

How to Spend Your Summer in Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville Beach, N.C., is a perfect summer destination offering a mix of outdoor activities, stunning scenery, and local charm. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your time here. Here are some of the best activities to make the most of your summer in Wrightsville Beach.

Enjoy the Beach

The main attraction in Wrightsville Beach is, of course, the beach itself. Its vast, sandy shores and crystal-clear waters make it ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and playing beach games. Set up a beach umbrella, lay out your towel, and soak up the sun. The gentle waves make it an excellent spot for families and swimmers of all skill levels. The beach is also perfect for building sandcastles, collecting seashells, or walking along the shore. Lifeguards are on duty at popular spots, ensuring a safe environment for everyone.

Try Watersports

Wrightsville Beach is known for its excellent watersports opportunities. Rent a paddleboard or kayak to explore the calm waters and nearby islands. If you're feeling adventurous, try your hand at surfing or kiteboarding. Several local shops offer lessons and equipment rentals, making it easy for beginners to get started. Additionally, the area's consistent waves and favorable wind conditions make it a popular destination for novice and experienced watersports enthusiasts. Join a guided tour or take a lesson to learn the basics and safely enjoy the water activities.

Go Fishing

Fishing is a popular activity in Wrightsville Beach. You can fish right off the beach from one of the local piers or rent a boat for deep-sea fishing. The area is home to many fish species, making it a great spot for casual and serious anglers. Remember to check local regulations and obtain any necessary permits. Fishing charters are available for those who want to venture offshore for bigger catches, such as tuna, marlin, and mahi-mahi.

Explore the Intracoastal Waterway

The Intracoastal Waterway runs along Wrightsville Beach, offering another beautiful area to explore. The waterway is ideal for boating, fishing, and wildlife viewing, providing a peaceful escape from the busier beach areas. You might spot dolphins, ospreys, and other local wildlife while navigating the scenic channels. Kayaking and paddleboarding are also popular activities in the waterway, allowing you to explore the serene environment up close.

Visit the Wrightsville Beach Museum of History

For a break from the sun, visit the Wrightsville Beach Museum of History. The museum offers a fascinating look at the area's past, from its early days as a fishing village to its development as a popular beach destination. Exhibits include historic photographs, artifacts, and interactive displays that are enjoyable for all ages. The museum is housed in a charming cottage that dates back to the early 20th century, adding to its historical appeal. Special programs and events are often held at the museum, making it a great educational outing for families.

Take a Scenic Cruise

Several companies in Wrightsville Beach offer scenic cruises, including sunset cruises and eco-tours. These boat trips provide a relaxing way to enjoy the area's beauty. You can learn about local wildlife, see stunning views of the coastline, and enjoy the cool breezes on the water. Sunset cruises are top-rated, offering breathtaking views as the sun sets over the water. Eco-tours often include opportunities to spot dolphins, seabirds, and other marine life, with knowledgeable guides sharing insights about the local ecosystem.

Dine at Local Restaurants

Wrightsville Beach has various dining options, from casual beachside cafes to fine dining establishments. Enjoy fresh seafood, Southern cuisine, and international dishes at one of the many local restaurants. Outdoor seating options allow you to dine with a view of the water, adding to the overall experience. Popular spots like The Oceanic and Bluewater Waterfront Grill offer delicious meals with stunning views, while more casual eateries like Poe's Tavern provide a relaxed atmosphere and tasty fare.

Shop at Local Boutiques

Spend some time exploring the local shops and boutiques in Wrightsville Beach. You can find everything from beachwear and souvenirs to unique gifts and home decor. Supporting local businesses is a great way to contribute to the community and find unique souvenirs from your trip. Shops like Hallelu Boutique and Redix provide a variety of clothing, accessories, and beach essentials, while The Workshop offers locally made crafts and artwork.

Attend Local Events

Throughout the summer, Wrightsville Beach hosts a variety of events and festivals. Check local event calendars to see what's happening during your visit and enjoy the vibrant community spirit. The Wrightsville Beach Farmers' Market is a popular weekly event where you can buy fresh produce, baked goods, and crafts from local vendors. Annual events like the Wahine Classic Surfing Competition and the Wrightsville Beach Paddle Club races draw participants and spectators, adding excitement to your summer.

Practice Yoga on the Beach

Many local instructors offer beach yoga sessions, providing a relaxing way to start your day. Practicing yoga with the sound of the waves and the feel of the sand beneath you is a unique and rejuvenating experience. It's suitable for all skill levels and a great way to connect with the natural beauty of Wrightsville Beach. Morning and evening sessions are often available at different locations along the beach. Bring your mat and join a class to stretch, strengthen, and find inner peace in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Explore Nearby Attractions

While Wrightsville Beach has plenty to offer, it's also close to other exciting destinations. Take a short drive to Wilmington to explore historic sites, visit the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher, or hike in one of the nearby state parks. There's no shortage of things to see and do in the area. Wilmington's historic downtown area features charming streets, unique shops, delicious restaurants, and the Battleship North Carolina, a fascinating World War II battleship museum. Fort Fisher State Recreation Area and Carolina Beach State Park offer beautiful natural landscapes for hiking, bird-watching, and picnicking.

Relax and Unwind

Finally, remember to take some time to relax and enjoy Wrightsville Beach's laid-back atmosphere. Whether you're lounging on the beach, reading a book on your balcony, or taking a stroll along the shore, the relaxed pace of life here is one of its greatest charms. Enjoy the soothing sound of the waves, the gentle sea breeze, and the warm sunshine. Make sure to carve out moments for rest, allowing yourself to fully unwind and appreciate the serene beauty of this coastal paradise.

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